2023 Spring Conservation Quarterly

Rain Garden Fundamentals

Rain gardens are landscaping features that take advantage of topography and gravity to intercept and collect stormwater runoff.  Unlike ponds, rain gardens are typically expected to drain of standing water within 24 to 48 hours.  Well-planned earthmoving and the addition of suitable plants may be all that is necessary for a functional rain garden.  However, some rain gardens are wetter than others, and variables such as watershed area, maximum ponding depth, and slow-draining soil may require additional enhancements.  This talk will explore basic design principles, including methods to circumvent the most common obstacles, for establishing a thriving rain garden.

Join us on Tuesday, March 21st from 12-1pm for the first Conservation Quarterly of the year! This presentation will be held in person at the Eastern Avenue Library and livestreamed via Zoom.

Register to attend either in person or virtually at https://forms.gle/e5ThLLaaKEG3Xmsn7

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About the Speaker

Mikael “Mik” Holgersson

Mik is president of Vildmark Inc., an ecological contracting business he and his wife Megan founded in 2012.  Mik provides consulting, design, and installation services for a wide range of projects, including wetland and prairie restorations, stormwater best management practices, riparian stabilization, pond construction and management, landscaping, trails, nature photography, graphic design, interpretive signs, and herpetological field studies.  He is a native of the Quad Cities, a passionate student and interpreter of the natural world, and an earthmover by way of learning his family’s excavating business. He earned a B.A. in biology (with a minor in art) at Augustana College in ‘06 and an M.S. in conservation biology at Illinois State University in ‘09.  Mik served as Program Director of Natural Resources at River Action (in Davenport, IA) prior to establishing Vildmark Inc.