Looking Ahead to the 2022 Summer Snapshot

Spring has just sprung, but it will be summertime before we know it! If you’re like us and looking ahead to the warmer months, check out the great summer opportunity below!

The Summer Snapshot is a great way to get involved and take action in our community. Join Partners of Scott County Watersheds on Saturday, July 16 from 8am-12pm for a day of citizen science.

Volunteers will start the day off at the Eldridge Fire Department for a brief overview about water quality and quick training on how to collect the data. During this time, you’ll be able to meet your data collection group while enjoying some coffee and donuts!

After training, you and your group of 3-4 people will take off to collect data from 5-7 sites around Scott County. This data will include pH, nitrogen, chloride, and phosphorus levels, along with the presence of water bugs! After collecting this information from each site, groups will meet back at the Eldridge Fire Department for free pizza and t-shirts.

The data collected from our Snapshot goes to one of the largest water quality databases in Iowa. This data is then analyzed for patterns and trends to identify any areas of impairment. With this information, PSCW can take the next steps to continue to protect and improve the county’s water quality.

Register today at www.xstreamcleanup.org

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