Spring Into Cleanup Season with PSCW

Spring is here! With the warmer weather comes the busy season of programs, outreach, and of course- cleanups! Volunteer with PSCW this spring to help make a difference in your local watersheds!

Kimberly Road & Welcome Way Trash Cleanup
Saturday, April 9 | 9-11am

Calling volunteers to help cleanup the SE Corner of Kimberly Road and Welcome Way. This area has collected a lot of debris over the winter months! Join Partners of Scott County Watersheds to help clean up the trash along this intersection.

Register for this cleanup at www.xstreamcleanup.org/event/kimberly-welcome-way

Whiskey Run Creek Brush Removal
Saturday, April 16 | 2-4pm

Join Partners of Scott County Watersheds and the City of Princeton for a cleanup along Whiskey Run Creek! Volunteers are needed to help remove invasive brush from the streambank and pick up trash along the 5th Street.

See more and register at www.xstreamcleanup.org/event/whiskey-run-creek-brush-removal

Valle Vista Garlic Mustard Pull
Wednesday, May 4 | 5-7pm

Join Partners of Scott County Watersheds in improving the natural habitat adjacent to Duck Creek!

Garlic mustard is an invasive species that can quickly overrun a woodland area, deteriorating the health of the ecosystem and subsequently, the watershed. Volunteers of all ages are needed to help remove the garlic mustard by hand pulling and digging the plants out; volunteers may also help remove honeysuckle. No prior experience is necessary!

Register today at http://www.xstreamcleanup.org/event/valle-vista-garlic-mustard-pull-may-4-2022

Robin Creek Honeysuckle Removal
Saturday, May 14 | 9am-12pm

Join Partners of Scott County Watersheds for a honeysuckle removal day in N. Marquette Park! Honeysuckle is an invasive species that can quickly out-compete native plants and harm the ecosystem and watershed. We will be cutting the vine out with loppers and applying an herbicide treatment.

Sign up at http://www.xstreamcleanup.org/event/robin-creek-honeysuckle-removal-may-14-2022