July 2020 Forum

July’s virtual forum presenter will be Dr. Kay Stefanik, Assistant Director of the Iowa Nutrient Research Center at Iowa State University.Dr. Stefanik received a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from The Ohio State University in 2012. The Iowa Nutrient Research Center’s purpose is to pursue a science-based approach to evaluating the performance and development of nutrient management practices in the agricultural landscape.The presentation will cover the progress towards cleaner Water through the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and the Iowa Nutrient Research Center. In 2013, the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy was released to provide a framework for assessing and reducing nutrient inputs to Iowa waters. With the strategy heading into its’ 7th year, trends in practice adoption and changes in nutrient inputs are beginning to emerge. This presentation aims to highlight state-wide progress that has been made in reaching goals set out by the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, and to shed light on the role that the Iowa Nutrient Research Center plays in developing and improving nutrient reduction practices.

Tuesday, July 21


View the forum here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqlyjC-YrTw