“Enhancing our Roadsides” Presentation

Wednesday February 26th
Scott County Library, 200 N. 6th Avenue, Eldridge, IA

Meet and greet with Brian Burkholder, Roadside Vegetation Specialist, from 5:30-6:00pm
Presentation at 6:00pm

Brian Burkholder from Scott County Secondary Roads will explain how you can take action to bring native prairie to Scott County roadsides and be a part of protecting Iowa’s natural resources! Brian will discuss the history of the IRVM grant program, available programs for residents, problem weeds, new safer herbicides, and share the roadside inventory map.

The Iowa Roadside Management program is about enhancing our public roadsides. This is accomplished through the judicious use of herbicides, spot mowing, prescribed burning, mechanical tree and brush removal and the prevention and treatment of erosion and other disturbances to the right-of-way. Brian will explain how the future of managing roadsides in Scott County is changing for the better in order to preserve, create and maintain native Iowa prairie along secondary roads within the county.

Come and find out how you can be a part of it!